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Each time a new baby is introduced into the world, we are told just exactly what to do to baby proof our homes. New parents can listen to various tapes for advice, buy books, or even get plenty of advice on how to rear a child and protect them from grandparents and maybe other family members. However, planning to provide a healthy home environment is something beyond the advice of your family members. There are many people or new parents who don't really even think of some of the ways to create a healthy place for their child to live, and most of these ways are common sense advice tips, but are often not thought about. There are also many tips and advice for providing your child with a proper eating diet, which affect their overall lifestyle. When a baby eats the proper diet then they will be happy, healthy, and be able to learn and grow. When baby proofing your home and keeping the environment healthy, it is important to always remember to try and stay away from products that contain any type of bleach or chemicals. Instead, you can use non-toxic cleaners such as vinegar or baking soda.


Safe Practices

These are safe to use when a baby is in the home, there are no chemicals for the child to breathe in or come in contact with. When focusing on painting a room in the house, try to use low VOC paints and then after finishing your task, make sure to air the room out, so that the fumes from the paint will not be inhaled by the infant. When washing baby clothes or the baby's bedding do not add softener. There have been interviews of parents, and they were determined that the couples who used softener had higher incidences in crib deaths, and those who did not use softener had lower incidences. Softener is another chemical product that your baby does not need to be around. Another good tip, is to never use plug in air fresheners in the baby's nursery room, that some of these specifically are carcinogen and many of the other scents have causes breathing problems for the baby. An added beneficial tip for breathing problems is to keep the baby's room at a cool 60-65 degree temperature and to cover the baby with a cloth blanket, and that seems a bit cold for a baby but many have discovered that the cool air helps the child have easier breathing during the night.



When taking into consideration of a child's skin, every parent wants their baby to not have permanent scaring and/or deformities. When caring for a baby, everyone's advice, including family and doctors, will encourage you to be safe. This means you don't have your baby around rough surfaces or areas where the baby can get cut. Not only is this a risk for the healthy, but also for the beauty. We have found that this has been an overlooked aspect of parenting where parents don't consider the long terms affects of scarring. Other problems include burns, which can be taken care, along with scarring, of by professional plastic surgeons, such as Advanced Surgical Arts here in Plano, TX, or specialty centers in Texas like the Texas Children's hospital. Cosmetic surgery for babies and children is vital, because your children have to live with skin problems all of their life, which may greatly affect their self-esteem and more. Issues with your children's skin are not just skin deep. If your child has cosmetic problems, we suggest you contact a cosmetic surgeon today who will help your child look beautiful.

Jarred food and organic jarred food, have a very bad taste to them for one, however, the up side to jar food is that it is pesticide free. Making your own baby food is a very cheaper route to go and it taste so much better than food in a jar.

It is extremely important, however, to make the home made baby food from organic fruits and vegetables. When they progress to dairy and meat, make sure that these products are organic, these both contain pesticides as well.

In conclusion, it is always the better choice to go with home made items for eating or around the house, and non-toxic cleaners so that the child doesn't come into contact with any harsh chemicals.

More Health Programs

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Spine Health

What are the health problems associated with babies? One of the many problems that sickly babies experience is that of the spine, and connecting you with a qualified spine doctor in and around Dallas is one of the many things we will do for you. Your babies spinal health is our utmost concern, as it is one the more sensitive areas of the body. Learn about your babies spinal development here.


Diet Health

Therefore, giving your home and diet the proper care that they need can be very beneficial for the baby to grow strong, healthy, and ready to take on the world in front of them.


Knee Pain

Though it's rare, babies and infants can suffer from knee pain as a result of falls and over exertion. One of the many resources we provide includes home remedies on how to heal your babies knee problems.

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